Bursa Cable car is one of Bursa's icon, the cable car transport in the area with the horizontal length of 9 km Turkey's longest cable car line.

The cable car firstly departs from Teferrüç station in Teferrüç Street in Yıldırım district of Bursa and reaches the hotels area in Uludağ.


There are 3 stations on the cableway.The longest distance between the two stations is between Sarıalan and Hotels Zone and the total length of the entire line is 9000 meters.

  • Teferrüç Station

​Teferrüç Station; It is an entrance station with its automated guidance system, 240 vehicle capacity car park, administrative sections, entertainment shops, escalators and a large passenger reception hall.

  • Sarıalan Station

It is an intermediate station.

  • Hotels Zone Station

Transportation to the hotels in Uludağ ski center is provided with the Hotels Zone Station, which is the last station of the cable car line.

You can use the public buses to go to the cable car station on the bus lines;

  • 94 - From Bursa Terminal to Teferrüç Station (Cable Car Station)
  • F/1 - At Güzelyalı bus stations, you can take the bus numbered F / 1 and then take the taxi dolmuşes that go to the Teleferik neighborhood (Cable Car Station) route from the Heykel Street stop.
  • F/3 - From Mudanya (BUDO Seabus Pier) to Teleferik Neighborhood (Cable Car Station)
  • S/1-2 - From Heykel Street Stop to Teleferik Neighborhood (Cable Car Station)
  • E/12 - From Uludağ Univesity to Teleferik Neighborhood (Cable Car Station)
  • 4/B - From Çekirge State Hospital to Teleferik Neighborhood (Cable Car Station)
  • G/3 - From Temenyeri Neighborhood to Teleferik Neighborhood (Cable Car Station)
  • 15/A-B - From Merinos/Kent Meydanı (City Spuare) to Teleferik Neighborhood (Cable Car Station)
  • Also, you can easily arrive to Cable Car Station (Teleferik Neigborhood) from Heykel Street by the taxi dolmuşes.
  • Apart from these, if you come from out of the town, you can take the F-3 bus from Bursa-Mudanya BUDO Pier to the cable car station (Teleferik Neighborhood), or after taking the bus 1 / GY from İDO Güzelyalı pier, you can reach the station by connecting the metro (BursaRay).

Address: Piremir Street Teferrüç Station No: 88 Yıldırım / BURSA

Website: https://www.bursateleferik.com.tr/

Telephone: 444 6 345

Fax: +90 224 233 56 75

E-mail: bilgi@teleferik.com.tr