The Population Exchange House, located in the Görükle neighborhood, is a museum that examines and exhibits local history and folk culture, and also represents the two communities. These two communities are Greeks and Turks who lived in the same settlement (Görükle village) before and after the War of Independence. At the same time, it is a museum that aims to present its narratives on certain areas such as the rural economy and especially the cocoon industry, culinary culture, clothing, entertainment, marriage and birth. In the Population Exchange House, the history of a particular place and the memory of the old and new exchange population are preserved and shared.
The House of Population  Exchange, Ethnographic collection consists of rural tools, household utensils and textiles, clothing and rural craft tools, as well as objects of special use brought from their homelands by the refugees at the time of migration. A significant part of the museum's collection was shaped by the donations of local individual collectors, the Turkish Emigrants and the grandchildren of the Greeks of Görükle descent.