An epitaph board, which is placed over its entrance door, indicates that this mosque was built in 1497/98 (903 A.H.) by Mehmed Çelebi, son of Karamanlı Mehmed. This mosque is named after Sehabettin Pasha, one of the viziers during the reign of Murad II and Mehmed II, and the waqf records concerning this structure show that its charter was owned by Sehabettin Pasha. According to a rumour, it is known that this mosque initially was built by Sehabettin Pasha, but then collapsed for unknown reasons, and that it was re-built, this time by Karamanlı Mehmed.

 This mosque was renovated in 1957 and 1997, respectively. The last, comprehensive renovation work was performed in 2010 according to its original plans.