See Ulucami's Unique Arts of Calligraphy

See Ulucami's pulpit with unique calligraphy works adorning its walls.

Ulucami has been the largest example of the multi-domed mosque form in Ottoman architecture. 129 calligraphy writings, some of which belong to famous calligraphers such as Abdülfettah Efendi, Kazasker Mustafa İzzet Efendi, Sami Efendi, Şefik Efendi, within the mosque are shown as original examples of the art of calligraphy. Examples of Esmâü'l-Hüsnâ are written with celî thuluth and kufî lines on every face of elephant feet. Also in the mosque, There is also a plate belonging to Sultan II. Mahmud.

In the kundekari technique of the mosque, the pulpit, which consists of interlocking parts without using nails or any other binders, is a work of art and was made by Hacı Muhammed bin Abdulaziz bin İbnü'd-Devâkî. The solar system is depicted on the east side of the pulpit and the Milky Way galaxy on the west side. In addition, in the inscription on the door of the pulpit, it is stated that the mosque was completed in H.802 (1399) by the order of Yıldırım Bayezid.