Pir Emir Mehmed Sultan Mosque ve Tomb

The mosque located in Piremir District. It was built in 1495 by Hoca Alizade on behalf of Pir Emir Sultan, who came from Buhara. The cut scale on the walls is made of stone and brick work. It is understood that it is one of the works of the Fatih period. The portico and window arches, the eaves and the brick rosettes on the wall, the minaret adjacent to the mosque and the stair heads are the architectural models of that period. The cone of the single-balcony minaret is strangled and pointed. Its dome is covered with lead. The walls of the building are laid with three layers of bricks and a layer of rubble. It underwent a major repair in 1961. The top of the prayer place is covered with a large dome on an octagonal drum. In the 16th century tomb in the garden of the mosque. There is the tomb of Pir Emir Mehmet Sultan.

Pir Emir Mehmed Sultan Tomb

It is in the garden of Piremir Masjid. The tomb of Pir Emir Sultan Mehmet is located in the tomb built in the late of XV. century. The walls of the tomb, which was built on an octagonal planned area, were built with two rows of bricks and rubble stone. There is a three-line inscription dated 1495 on the door. The interior of the tomb, which is covered with a dome, is illuminated by seven windows. There is only one sarcophagus inside the tomb. Today, around the tomb, new graves were made and it is still used as a cemetery. The building was repaired by the Bursa Antiquities Lovers Institution in 1961.