Orhan Bey Public Bath

This hamam is part of Orhan Kulliye complex, which was built by Orhan Gazi, and which is the first kulliyah(complex) in Bursa. According to the epitaph board dated 1339 at Orhan Mosque, which is situated at the centre of this complex, it is known that also the hamam was built around that date. Due to varying uses in different periods, the structure was also called “Orhan Bey”, “Bıçakçılar”, “Hallaçlar”, “Kadınlar”, and “Hamam Kahve”. Today, it is known as “Aynalı Çarşı”, or “Mirrored Bazaar”.

Orhan Hamam, with its quite large dimensions, is a “double” hamam consisting of a men’s and a women’s section. 

This structure underwent major renovation works in the 14th, the 16th, and the 17th century, respectively. After the 1958 fire, comprehensive renovation was made, converting this hamam’s men’s and women’s section into a bazaar, and a shop and a warehouse, respectively. There was one new door each opened at the structure’s south and west façade.

Today, this hamam serves as a bazaar where articles, which reflect the cultural values particular to the city, and ethnographic items, are sold.