Mudanya Hasan Bey Bath Art Center

"Hasan Bey Hamam", which is also called "Old Bath" and "Upper Bath" by the public, is located at the corner of Namazgâh Street and Eski Su Street. Due to its structural features, it is accepted that it was built by the ‘Mirliva-i Mısri Hasan Bey in the 17th century.

Hasan Bey Bath was restored in 2014 as part of the efforts to transform the idle historical buildings into life centers by incorporating them into life Within the scope of the restoration work of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the restoration work, the original plans of the existing building were adhered to, as well as the wall and dome reinforcements. The marbles preserved on the floors of the space belong to the original structure.

The building, whose restoration was completed in 2016, was reintroduced to the city culture by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality as the "Hasan Bey Hamam Art Center".

Address: Hasanbey Mah. Eski Su Sok. No: 27 Mudanya / Bursa

Phone: 0 (224) 544 50 93