Mausoleum of Prince Mahmud

This mausoleum was built for Shehzade Mahmud, son of Bayezid II. Shehzade Mahmud died in 1507 during his governorship in Manisa. His funeral was brought to Bursa, and “covered” by this mausoleum. The name of this structure’s architect, Yakup Shah bin Sultan Shah.

Its interior section is very rich due to its glazed tiles, its hand-drawn ornaments, and its “malakari” work (a decoration made using the technique of bas-relief made of plaster). It is covered with turquoise and dark blue hexagonal glazed tiles, up to a height of 2.90 m. 

There are four marble tombs inside this mausoleum, which are placed onto a marble platform set on a brick floor. These tombs are the tombs of Shehzade Mahmud, and of his sons, Orhan, Emir, and Musa, who died in 1512.

The mousoleum which was thoroughly restored by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality between 2013 and 2014 is located in the site which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2014.