Mausoleum of Ivaz Pasha

This mausoleum is a graveyard built as “kabristan”, or family mausoleum, of Hadji Ivaz Pasha, a charitable personality, vizier of Murad’, and architect of both “Yeşil Camii”, the Green Mosque, and “Yeşil Türbe”, the Green Mausoleum. At the same time, he was the owner of various waqfs. In the course of time, other funerals were made here, and various tombstones were brought here from other graveyards.

The tomb of Hadji Ivaz Pasha who died in 1428, is situated within this graveyard. It is an open-sided mausoleum, which is covered with a dome with pointed arches, sitting on twelve stone pedestals. The tombstone of Hadji Ivaz Pasha made of a trimmed hewn stone, is decorated with zoomorphic motifs, and its four-line inscription’s translation is as follows: “Ivaz Pasha, son of Grand Vizier Ahi Bayezid, son of Ivaz, essence of mankind, father of abundances, and source of good deeds. Nine Dhul-Qadah (11th month of the Islamic calendar), year 832 A.H. (1428) – R.I.P.”

Next to it, there is also the tomb of Hadji Ivaz Pasha’s son, Ahi, or Atai, Çelebi. Osman Efendi (1287 A.H., 1870), mutewalli, or trustee of a waqf, of Ivaz Pasha, is buried in another tomb. There are also other tombs in this graveyard.

This mausoleum was renovated in 2013 within the scope of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality’ project called “Tarihi Mezar ve Hazirelerin Onarımı” (“Renovation of Historical Tombs and Graveyards”).