Mausoleum of Hatice Sultan

This mausoleum was built for Hatice Sultan, daughter of Bayezid II and wife of Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha, grandson of Hamza Bey, by her son, Mehmed Bey, commissioned chief-officer responsible of Bursa’s security. When her husband Kara Mustafa Pasha was assassinated, Hatice Sultan got angry to her father, went to Bursa and did not speak to anybody. According to a rumour after a while her body developed rashes and the wounds, which could not be cured, were healed with the spring water at the place of the mausoleum. After Hatice Sultan’s death her son Mehmed Bey ordered her mausoleum to be built there.

Inside the mausoleum, there are also other sarcophagi besides the one of Hatice Sultan, but the names of the persons buried are unknown.