Mausoleum of Çoban Bey

This mausoleum of Çoban Bey, is one of the son of Osman Gazi who is founder of the Ottoman Empire. It is known that the mausoleum of Çoban Bey, one of the veterans who also participated in the conquest of Bursa, was built in the early 14th century. During the Ottoman period, Çoban Bey owned land at Setbaşı, Molla Arap, Yeşil and the eastern of Gökdere river, up to Irgandı Bridge. He ordered a mausoleum for himself to be built in the neighbourhood, which today is called after him, where Balabancık Castle is located, and he donated the surrounding land to this mausoleum. Although his children later on built a  masjid in front of this mausoleum for Çoban Bey, and although they later on, in the following periods, also built a madrasah, these structures were completely destroyed in the 1855 earthquake. The mausoleum, however, was renovated, and thus was able to “survive” to date. Inside this mausoleum, there are also 5 other tombs besides the one of Çoban Bey.

This structure was renovated in 1971 by the “Bursa Ancient Artwork Lovers’ Society”, and lastly, in 1997, by Yıldırım Municipality.