Kütahya(Çukur) Khan

Although there is no definite information neither on the date of construction of “Kutahya” Khan nor on its sponsor, some sources state that it was donated by Emir Sultan, the son-in-law of Yıldırım Bayezid. According to this information, it is believed that this structure might have been built in the early 15th century. In a record dating from 1638, this khan is mentioned as “Kite Khan”. Among the people, “Kutahya” Khan is also known as “Çukur Khan”.

This two-floor khan’s walls are masoned using hewn stones and bricks. The khan’s rooms are – according to the classical ground plans used for building khans – arranged around a patio. In the centre of this patio, there is an ablution fountain.

This structure was renovated several times, in 1608, 1742, 1754, and in 1770. In 2013, it was restored by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.