Izzeddin Bey / Pınarbaşı Mosque

This mosque was built by Izzedin Bey, brother of Doğan Bey, and famous commander of Niğbolu castle, on a plot of land belonging to the waqf of Nilufer Hatun, daughter of Sultan Murad I (The Sovereign). Although the exact date of construction of this structure is unknown, it is dated to the 14th century. Next to this mosque, there is the first distribution place of the water of Pınarbashi spring being situated on Uludag Mountain. Therefore, it is known also as “Pinarbashi Mosque”.

This mosque is built with a rectangular plan. Its wooden roof is covered with roofing tiles. 

Since its original wooden minaret does not exist anymore, in 1960, the minaret of “I. Murad Hüdavendigar” Mosque was taken as model, and it was rebuilt using bricks. It has a conical helmet.

At the place where the first distribution place of Pinarbashi water was situated next to this mosque, there is a water reservoir. In 1885, this place was surrounded by a fence. During the Republican Period, it was covered with glass cases, and in 2006, it was restored by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.