İznik Tile Ovens

It is known that İznik gained fame in the art of tile making during the Ottoman period. Quality pots and pans were also made in Iznik in the Byzantine era. In XVI. and XVII century most of the wall tiles, which are unique in terms of pattern, color and technique, which adorn the important buildings built in the centuries, were produced in Iznik tile ovens. In addition, the dazzling plates, bowls, cups, oil lamps and mugs, many of which are among the most valuable objects of European and American museums and collections, were also made in Iznik ovens. For this reason, Iznik was named as "Çin-i Maçin-i Rum" (that is, the Çin-i Maçin of Anatolia).

The presence of tile ovens in Iznik was first determined in 1965, and three ovens were unearthed in excavations that year. Today, excavations continue.