İznik Berber Rock Memorial Tomb

On the north of the road extending from Lefke Gate to the east, there is a city cemetery and a water channel in the south. The narrow road goes through the vineyards and gardens to the grave of Abdulvahap Sancaktarı. On the first slope of Elmalı Mountain where the road extends, 17 pieces belonging to the burial chamber made of dark gray limestone known as "Berber Rock" by the locals are spread around and on the slope. It is known that this region was used as a necropolis during the Bithynia, Roman and Byzantine periods and the sarcophagus of C. Cassius Chrestus, who had buılt the gates of the city , is located in this region. It was carved from a single rock mass. It is the only work belonging to the Hellenistic age in Iznik. The monumental tomb, which the locals call "Berber Rock", belongs the king of Bithynia, who was captured and killed in Nikaia, where he took refuge in order to escape from his son. It is known that it was built for Prusias II (185-149 BC).