Ivaz Pasha Mosque

This mosque was built by Hadji Ivaz Pasha, the architect of “Yeşil Kulliye” complex. As this mosque’s waqf record is dated 1427, it is known that this structure was built prior to this date. Initially, this structure was built as a masjid. In 1642, it was converted into a mosque, by adding a pulpit made by Seyyid Mehmed Efendi, and, in 1762, a “mahfel”, or screened and elevated lodge, made of timber. Today, this structure is called “Ivaz Pasha” Mosque, according to its sponsor, but in the related waqf records, it is also mentioned under the name of “Imadiye” Masjid. Due to the covered market and the area in its surroundings, this mosque is also called “Kazzazhane”, the “Silk Spinning Workshop” Masjid, or “Tavukpazarı”, the “Chicken”, Masjid.

The structure has an octagonal tambour on the outside, and the transition to its lead-plated domes, on the inside, is provided by means of Turkish triangles.

This mosque was renovated in 1557, 1642, and in 1860, between 1967 and 1968, as well as in 1990.