Issız Inn(Khan)

 65 km. west of Bursa, near Seyran village of Karacabey district, on the north shore of Ulubat lake. This place has been an important point of the road from Izmir to Istanbul since Roman times. The building is one of the caravanserais that has many similar ones, especially from the Seljuk period, on the trade routes in Anatolia. The significance of Issız Inn is that it is an early Ottoman period structure bearing the architectural characteristics of Seljuk caravanserais.

Since Issız Inn is located near a big center like Bursa and on a busy road, it has been a structure that travelers have visited and mentioned in their travelbooks since ancient times. The building, which is understood to have been built in the early Ottoman period by adhering to the old architectural traditions, is now used as a hotel.