Inebey Turkish Bath

While it is known that this hamam was built by Eyne Bey (Inebey), commissioned chief-officer of Murad I, responsible of the town’s security, and one of the important persons during the reign of Yıldırım Bayezid, some sources state that it was built by a person called Ahmet Chavush. Although its exact date of construction is unknown, it may be dated to the 15th century, because the first related official record dates 1485. This hamam was built together with the madrasah of the same name, which is attached to the structure’s eastern wall. The earnings of the period of construction were donated to this madrasah. This hamam is a small-scaled, simple structure, built as a single hamam. 

This hamam’s ground plan is long and narrow. The hamam consists of a cool room (frigidarium) (also called “soyunmalık”, or changing cubicle), a warm room (tepidarium), and a hot room (caldarium) section. Today, it still preserves its original hamam function.