Hodja Hasan Mosque

The two-line epitaph board over the mosque’s entrance door indicates that Hodja Hasan, son of Pir Gayb, ordered its construction in 1575. “Hodja Hasan” Mosque is located in the quarter of the same name.

This structure completely made of masonry has a wooden roof covered with roofing tiles. Its portico for latecomers is built in the shape of a hall, over which the “muezzin mahfil”, or separated balcony, is located. In the east of this mosque, there is a small graveyard, with some tombs in it. It is known that the father of Hodja Hasan is buried in one of them.

This structure, which was destroyed in the 1855 earthquake, was rebuilt in 1904 after a long period of neglect. During these process, only the minaret’s plinth block kept its authenticity.