Healing at an Ancient Hot Thermal Spring

After bathing in an old hot thermal spring, refreshing your body and soul with a massage and scrub, cool off with soda and ayran in the courtyard.

Our city is a center of history and civilizations as well as a city of healing with its thermal treasures. Dozens of historical baths and thermal springs from the three great civilizations, Rome, Byzantine and Ottoman, continue to heal today. Many of these are famous spas that have been used since Roman times and served emperors and sultans. The healing waters of Bursa are boiled from Çekirge district on the foothills of Uludağ, which is mentioned as Olympos in mythological records.  When the great Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi visited Bursa; He gives the following judgment about Bursa; '' In Sum, Bursa is consisted of water. Every eye that sees gives the right to Bursa. Bursa is a healing land with its streams, waterfalls and thermal springs. '' Rheumatism and neuralgia are the leading diseases treated with Bursa thermal waters.