"Hatice Isfendiyar" Mosque

It is known that this mosque was built by Hatice Hanım Sultan, the daughter of Selçuk Hatun, the daughter of Çelebi Mehmed, and of İsfendiyaroğlu İbrahim Bey, and by her husband, Mahmud Çelebi. But it is understood from a passage found in civil records that this mosque was built before by Hundi Hatun, the daughter of Yıldırım Bayezid, and the wife of Emir Sultan. The first “At Pazar”, the “Horse Market”, established in Bursa on the today’s Orhan Mosque and Orhan Kulliye complex’ area, was moved to the neighbourhood where this mosque was built, and this zone was called “At Pazar”, or “Horse Market”. Therefore, this structure is also known as “At Pazarı”, or “Horse Market” mosque.

This structure was renovated in 1977.