GUHEM Gökmen Aerospace Training Center

GUHEM is the first space-themed interactive center established with the aim of raising young generations who aim to do research in high technology fields and to increase the international competitiveness of our country with domestic and national technologies. It was implemented on an area of ​​approximately 13,000 square meters.

The purpose of GUHEM; To ensure that science lovers from all age groups gain knowledge and experience in space, aviation and technology, and to inspire young generations by creating awareness in the general public.

The center, which is built with an education and experience-oriented perspective, adopts a current and dynamic learning approach that encourages individual effort with applications focused on inquiry, experimentation and exploration. In the center; There are 154 interactive training facilities, Aviation Training Center, Space Innovation Laboratory, Chemistry and Biology Laboratory, Mathematics, Robotic Coding, Space, Aviation Workshops.

GUHEM, which is the largest center in Europe and among the top 5 centers in the world, won an award in the category of "Public Buildings" within the scope of the 2019 European Property Awards.