Darül Kurra

The epitaph board placed over the entrance door leading to the structure’s courtyard reveals that this structure was built in 1492 by Hodja Yakup. This “darulkurra”, a place where the Holy Qur’an was taught, is also known as “Hodja Yakup Darulkurra” or “Yer Kapı Muallimhanesi”.

This structure is one of the rare examples of “darulkurras”, an independent building, which does not form part of a kulliye complex. It is also important from the point of view of being the oldest examples remaining from the Ottoman period.

This structure consists of two sections, one each for use during winter and summer.

In the graveyard of this structure, there are the tombs of important personalities such as Cafer Çelebi, one of the grand-sons of his Majesty Abdulkadir-i Geylani, as well as of members of the Cizyedarzade family.

This structure was renovated in 1946. From 1957 onwards, it is used as the building of “Bursa Ancient Artwork Lovers’ Society”.