Buy candied chestnut for your loved ones.

This dessert, made with chestnuts collected from Chestnut trees on the foothills of Uludağ, which is the symbol of Bursa, has been preserving its flavor and formula for many years. And also it is always remembered with Bursa.

The chestnuts used in making this dessert, which is one of the unique flavours of Bursa, are boiled and peeled and then put into a specially prepared syrup. It is ready for service after waiting for a day. You can also find this dessert at the patisseries in the center of Bursa.

Chestnut harvest begins every year as of the second week of September. During the harvest period, thousands of people collect chestnut from chestnut trees on the foothills of Uludağ. You can this dessert in famous and historical pastries of Bursa.

Bursa Candied Chestnut received geographical indication sign from Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.