Bursa Living Culture Museum

This historical mansion, which is an example of traditional Turkish architecture of the 18th century, is an example of civil architecture built by Haşan Eşref Efendi, who had leather tanneries in Bursa, for his family. It is known that after Haşan Eşref Efendi, his daughter Hacer Hanım lived here until her death in 1986. After the mansion had been restored, it was brought to Bursa as Bursa Living Culture Museum in order to keep the values of Bursa alive, promote and pass it on to future generations. In the museum, where the long forgotten customs and traditions in the traditional life culture of Bursa are described through animations, objects and scenes used in traditional life are also promoted for the visitors. In this three-storey wooden mansion, many subjects that reflect the life culture of Bursa, from dowry tradition to circumcision customs, from welcoming guests to pilgrims, were exhibited. Parts of the building are also used as activity areas with themes in the understanding of a living museum.

Tel: 0 224 224 09 55


It is open every day of the week between 09:30 and 17:30 except Monday.