Abdal Musa Mosque

This mosque was built by Abdulkadir Efendi, one of the “Sheikhs ul-lslam” (the chief religious officials in the Ottoman Empire) during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566) in the early 16th century, for Musa Baba. It is known that Musa Baba came from Bukhara, that he had participated in the conquest of Bursa with Orhan Gazi in 1326

The tombs of both Abdulkadir Efendi (died 1548) and Musa Baba are in the graveyard of this mosque. Together with its portico for latecomers, it is built with a rectangular ground plan. The main prayer hall is built, on the outside, with an octagonal tambour, and is covered with a single, lead-plated dome. The mosque’s frontage is built with a gable wall, an element frequently seen with Bursa masjids. It is built with a chord with three arches, the central arch being narrower than the other ones. In the graveyard of “Musa Baba” Mosque, there is an uncovered tomb built for Abdal Musa, and tombstones without inscription on them, which are known to belong to three other tombs situated here.