Orhangazi Gedelek Pickle Festival

Gedelek pickle, which is considered among best in the world, is promoted and offered to the guests during The festival, which held in the Gedelek village of Bursa's Orhangazi district. The biggest reason for the quality of pickles produced in the region is due to the high calcium lime water of the region used in the production of the product. In the stands, pickles made from all kinds of fruits and vegetables by the local people and pickle producers are exhibited and presented to the participants. Also, within the scope of the festival, historical Mehteran and Kılıç Kalkan (swords and shields) teams and local folk dance teams perform their shows. This festival is held every year in the last week of August and the first week of September, within 2 days determined.

For detailed information; https://www.facebook.com/gedelektursufestivali