İğne Oyası (Needle Lace)

Needle laces are traditionally used for decorative purposes on men's and women's clothing, cloth packs, towels, bedsheets and to edge the head-scarves. Needle laces, which are the symbol of elegance, are usually tatted with silk and cotton yarns using the same technique today, as done in the Ottoman period. Traditional motifs are generally used in needle lacing. In the past, young girls and brides have conveyed their feelings and emotions, and secretly communicated through the laces, embroidering motifs having been implied a special meaning according to the place where a particular lace motif is embroidered. Especially various types of needle laces such as the fuchsia, carnation, perforated carnation, honeywort, wheel of fortune lace, pine branch, lily, fern, evil eye lace, bridal lace, spring flower, bridal circlet lace are knitted. Needle laces, which are widely laced in Bursa, are also used in jewelry designs and clothes, apart from traditional use.