Great interest in Bursa silk in Germany

DOMOTEX Hannover, the world’s largest meeting point for the carpet and flooring industry, was held with great interest this year as well. While the silk carpets and fabrics woven in BUSMEK workshops were impressed many participants in the fair, the practical demonstration of transformation of cocoon into silk was also watched with interest.

While 1,400 companies from 60 different countries participated in the fair, where the latest trends and sustainability themes met, the latest trends and products were examined by a total of 35 thousand visitors, 70 percent of which were from abroad. Turkey, on the other hand, made the largest participation ever with 190 companies on a total area of 26,991 square meters and again became the country with the largest participation in the Domotex fair. Elegant stands and products of Turkish companies participating in the fair with machine carpets, hand made carpets, wall-to-wall carpets, flexible floors, yarn, mats, machinery and accessories, parquet and laminate products attracted great attention from the visitors.

The booth opened by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality’s Art and Vocational Training Courses (BUSMEK) also drew great attention. Visitors who participated in the live performance application of silk pulling from the cocoon with a recoiling catapult at the BUSMEK booth gained an experience that they could not gain elsewhere by both seeing and applying this process as it was done 14 centuries ago. In addition, the visitors were told about the properties of silkworm, cocoon and silk threads, and that they are used in many sectors ranging from the health sector to the defense industry.

Date: 04.02.2020