Journey to 2543 Meters

Uludag, the highest mountain of the Southern Marmara;  is an ideal destination for winter tourism, nature tourism and nature sports, as well as a paradise on the earth with its fauna, flora, endemic plants and unique climate. The mountain, which was named Olympos in ancient times and later named as Monk Mountain  because of the monks taking refuge and building their temples, has been named Uludağ in September 1925. The journey to the summit of Uludağ starts at an average altitude of 1850 m. The peak of 2543 m is reached by following the intersecting routes from time to time. Throughout the journey, you can touch permanent snow that does not melt even in the middle of summer in some places. If you coincide with the season, you can take a photo to the Apollo Butterfly, unique to Uludağ, living above 2000m altitude.  If the weather is clear, you can see Istanbul from Kapi Field, Small Summit and Big Summit, as well as the magnificent mountain view. You can go down to the magnificent lakes area close to the summit line, if you wish,. The journey is 22 km. Challenging but also exciting and enjoyable nature walk.

  • Bursa Metropolitan Municipality-Department of International Affairs-Tourism and Promotion Branch Office / Zafer Neighbourhood, Ankara Road Street, No:1, Story:4, Postcode:16080, Osmangazi / BURSA

  • 444 16 00 / ALO 153


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