''In Sum Bursa is consisted of Water'' Tour

On this tour, in which the history and natural beauties of the districts in the west of Bursa are introduced, you can start the day in the village of Misi, which has a history of 3000 years, famous for its colorful houses, vine leaves, musk grapes and molasses. Then, You can drink a cup of Turkish coffee against Uluabat Lake after you see the Weeping Plane in Gölyazı Village. Afterwards, you can go to Eskikaraağaç Village, which has only the European Stork Village title in Turkey, for watching the storks and Uluabat Lake, which is beautiful in four seasons, on the bird watching tower. The next stop is a place where the sea and the fresh water are mixed. You will not notice how time passes with its magnificent nature, lavender fields and water lily flowers in the Floodplain Forests, where many different bird species live. Last stop of the tour is also Suuçtu Waterfall. The coolness felt by the waterfall pouring from a height of 38 meters and the beauty of the small ponds formed by the waterfall will make you forget the sweet tiredness of the day.

  • Bursa Metropolitan Municipality-Department of International Affairs-Tourism and Promotion Branch Office / Zafer Neighbourhood, Ankara Road Street, No:1, Story:4, Postcode:16080, Osmangazi / BURSA

  • 444 16 00 / ALO 153

  • turizm.sbmd@bursa.bel.tr

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