From the City Center to the summit

An exciting adventure from 250 m to 1800 m altitude. It is a route based on the first places that come to mind in Bursa, a city where both mountain, sea and history are together. This journey starts from the stone-paved streets of Cumalıkızık, a 700-year-old Ottoman village, then to the turquoise tiles of the Yeşil Complex, a masterpiece built after the interregnum period, will take you to the founding period of the Ottoman Empire in a historical atmosphere. Afterwards, with the Bursa Cable Car, one of the longest ropeway lines in the world, you can climb to Uludağ, the oxygen-rich, in 20 minutes and breathe the mountain weather. When you return to the city center , Ulucami, which is an art gallery with calligraphy, will be waiting for you. Finally, you can visit the Bursa Khans Area, with dozens of historical khans and bazaars. You can shop as you wish and finish the day by drinking coffee at Koza Han(Silk Bazaar).

  • Bursa Metropolitan Municipality-Department of International Affairs-Tourism and Promotion Branch Office / Zafer Neighbourhood, Ankara Road Street, No:1, Story:4, Postcode:16080, Osmangazi / BURSA

  • 444 16 00 / ALO 153


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