Zeyniler Mosque

This mosque was built in 1449 by merchant Hodja Ramazan as a masjid for Abdullatif Kudsi Efendi, a sheikh of the religious Zeyniye order. In 1568, when Muallimzade Ahmed Shemseddin, a high judiciary official, added a pulpit to this structure, it was converted into a mosque. As he belonged to the religious order of Zeyneddin Hafi, this place where Abdullatif Efendi was buried in 1452 in this mosque’s upper section was called “Zeyniler”. This mosque’s main prayer hall, together with its portico for latecomers, is built with a rectangular plan. The mosque’s frontage is built with a low-rise gable wall, an element frequently seen with Bursa masjids. It is built with a chord with three arches. 

This structure was renovated in 1475, 1568, 1600, 1679, 1745, and in 1761, as well as in 1957.