Yenişehir Süleyman Pasha (Kumluk) Mosque

The mosque and madrasah were built by Osman Gazi. Osman Gazi had his sermon preached here. Today, at the entrance of the mosque, it is written that "the first sermon was preached in this mosque in 697 Hijri". The mosque was repaired at various times, the most important repairs were made in 1606 and 1835. Süleyman Pasha, the grandson of  Osman Gazi, later expanded it by making many additions and turned it into a rich complex. That is why it was called Süleyman Pasha Complex. The most important structure of the complex was its 25-room madrasah. It all covered an area of 12 decares. The ruins of the complex were completely destroyed in the 1930s.