Yenişehir Pustinpuş Baba Zawiyah

The building, which is also referred to as Baba Sultan Zawiyah, Seyyid Mehmed Dede Zawiyah, Postinpuş Baba Sultan Soup Kitchen in the sources, is located in the northwest of the district, probably on the site of the ancient city. It was founded on a low hill formed by the high Babasultan mound.  According to a source belonging to the 21st century, it is recorded that the real name of Postinpuş Baba was Seyyid Mehmed Hammari.

The building is one of the typical examples of the group called Mosque with guest house . The central hall with a large dome, located opposite the iwan-shaped entrance, forms the place of worship. From the small corridors on both sides of the entrance iwan, the domed guest house (tabhane) spaces are passed. The corridors are covered with a corrugated stone ceiling in the north direction and a flattened dome in the south direction, and a light hole is left in the middle of them. 

During their visit to Yenişehir in the 1920s and 1928s, travelers talk about a small mosque and adjacent mausoleum around the cemetery and lodge, which hasn't been reached today.