Yenişehir Clock Tower

The octagonal clock tower, rising above the Republic Area, is made of rectangular cut stone and reaches a height of 25 meters with 7 floors on its 2.5-meter-high base. The tower, which is said to have been repaired by melting the iron parts and the weapons obtained after the liberation of Yenişehir from the Greek occupation, is also known as a kind of victory tower.  On the 6th floor of the tower, which is stated to be built on the 30th anniversary of Sultan II. Abdulhamit's ascension to the throne (1906), there is a clock facing all around. The clock machine that works with a weight system bears the signature of Osman Nuri Körüstan, a watchmaker from Bursa. The dome of the penthouse, which is open on all sides and is seated on two pillars at four corners, is leaded so that its voice can be heard easily.