Yenişehir Bali Bey Mosque

Since there is no building inscription on it, its founder cannot be determined. According to some, the builder of the mosque was Bali Bey, son of the Niğbolu sanjak bey (Pasha), who was martyred by Vlad Tepeş (Kazıklı Voyvoda), known as Drakul in Wallachia in 1461, who was one of the commanders of the era of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. According to some, the person who built the mosque should be Silistre Governor Malkoçoğlu Bali Bey, who died in 1503.

Bali Bey Mosque, similar to the form of  XIV. and XV. mosques with guest rooms on both sides. During the major repair that started in 1969, the wooden roof was removed and the mosque was transformed closer to its old form. The minaret on the right side of the mosque is made of cut stone. As there is no decoration of artistic value inside, the wooden pulpit does not have a remarkable feature. There are two graves belonging to the early century. One of them belongs to Bali Bey's son and the date 1504 is written on it.