Yeni Kaplıca is one of the most important thermal facilities of Bursa. It is considered to be one of the most typical monuments of Turkish bath architecture. The Yeni Kaplıca, fed by Bademlibahçe waters, has an altitude of 160 meters above sea level. It is rumored that the New Thermal Spring was built by his son-in-law Rüstem Pasha in 1559 for the treatment of gout and rheumatism of the sultan during the reign of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent.

The thermal baths of the spa are built on eight arches. Its domes decorated with tiles are wide and high. The bathrooms of the New Spa, covered with Iznik tiles, attract attention with their size as well as their architectural beauty. In addition to many social facilities, Yeni Kaplıca has a 102-bed capacity hotel.

What is it good for?
It is known that the waters of Yeni Kaplıca are beneficial for dermatoses, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia and neuritis, gynecological diseases and respiratory diseases. In addition, thermal waters used in the spa are thought to be good for diseases such as nervous pain, prostate, eczema and dry cough.