Veled-i saray Mosque

Although the exact date of construction of this mosque and the name of its sponsor are unknown, historical sources indicate that it dates back to the reign of Murad II (1421-1451). Furthermore, official judicial records of 1512/1513 indicate that its neighbourhood had the same name.

The main walls of the mosque, which are almost square-shaped, are constructed with rubble stones and bricks. Today, its outer surface is plastered. Starting in the 1950s, this mosque was renovated with the support of both “Bursa Ancient Artwork Lovers’ Society” and the quarter. Today, it is known that this mosque has preserved its original minaret from the initial construction. The minaret, which is bonded to the mosque’s main western wall, is a striking element thanks to its brick craftsmanship. A round centrepiece design on its body under its spire and its surrounding balcony constitutes a valuable example of decoration, which was made by using a different technique to arrange bricks.