253 decares Vakıf City Park, which was brought to Yıldırım district by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality; It is named after 12-year-old Bera, who was heartbroken with her cries after her father and brother lost in the Israeli airstrike.
      Vakıf City Park, which has boxing and wrestling halls, sportsmen's guesthouse, two regular football fields, spectator tribune, amusement park, cafeterias, an 11 thousand square meter pond, theme parks and a 300-car parking lot, is located on an area of 253 decares. It is a project that gives a breath of fresh air to Yıldırım, Kestel and Gürsu  districts.
        Vakıf Bera City Park of approximately 253 decares, with recreation areas, amusement park for children and accompanying ponds, cafeterias and sports facilities; An area that clinches Bursa's Green title.