Umurbey Silk Production and Design Center started to serve within the scope of Bursa Silk Re-Life Project, which was implemented by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 2015. The facility is located in Umurbey neighbourhood of Yıldırım District. The facility introduces the history of Bursa Silk, which decorates the palaces of the world, to its visitors with the finest details. Within the facility, there are promotional areas where various  exhibitions and shows are held, a display area where silk and silk products produced from Bursa Silk are exhibited in the facility and rural workshops connected to the facility, silk carpets and weaving workshops where silk and silk fabrics are woven, warp and twisting workshop. There is a library and a design workshop where patterns that give life to silk are studied. In addition, on certain days of the week, the traditional silk reeling activity is introduced to its visitors at the Umurbey Silk Production and Design Center.