Uftade Mosque

This mosque was built in 1572 by Uftade Mehmed Muhyiddin, founder of the religious Jelveti order. Having sustained damage in the 1855 earthquake, it was completely torn down with the permission of Bursa Kadhi Ibrahim Sadeddin Efendi, and reopened in 1866 by Hasan Rıza Pasha, minister of national defence, who came to Bursa for a visit. It then was built with the today’s ground plan. Over the entrance door of its main prayer hall, there is an epitaph board documenting its construction. This epigraph consists of 22 lines written in “taliq” script.

This mosque, the main prayer hall, together with its portico for latecomers, is built with a rectangular plan. At both the mosque’s mihrab built with seven rows of stalactite work and its interior, there are hand-drawn ornaments of the 19th century. Sunlight is provided to this structure by means of 26 windows.

This mosque was renovated in 1686, 1770, 1866, 1892, and in 1969, as well as in 2004.