Uftade Dervish Lodge / Uftade Dervis Lodge Mosque

These structures are built in the second half of the 16th century by Uftade Mehmed Muhiddin Efendi (died 1580), founder of “Celvetiyye” Dervish Order, and sheikh of Saint Mahmud Hudayi. This small dervish lodge is a place where the rites of “Celvetiyye” Dervish order were applied. Moreover, it had the function of a soup kitchen to feed both guests and the poor. Moreover, he in person worked in the construction of both the mosque and the small dervish lodge.

Today, the sema hall used as a portico for latecomers and the masjid sections are connected to each other, and thus gathered under one single roof. On the mirror of “Hu” Drinking Fountain situated in front of this sema hall, there is an epitaph dated 1565.

The two-floor harem section is bonded to the sema hall’s eastern façade. In its interior, there is a hamam, a kitchen, a cool room, a “kulhan”, or boiler room, and a hall, as well as various rooms.

Both mosque and dervish lodge, the latter serving as a social-cultural centre, were restored between 2009 and 2014 by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Personal belongings of his Excellency Uftade, which were restored, and items used in this small dervish lodge are exhibited here.