Üç Kuzular (Üç Kozlar) Mosque

The name of the sponsor of this mosque is unknown. Right opposite to this mosque, there are the tombs of three brothers, Safiyyuddin Efendi, Açıkbash Mehmed Efendi, and Ali Efendi, who lived in the 15th century, and who came from Bukhara to Bursa. It therefore is told that this mosque is built by these three personalities, and that it was called “Üçkuzular”.

“Üçkozlar” Dervish Lodge, which was situated in this area in earlier times, and which was enlarged by Muhyiddin Efendi, son-in-law of Safiyuddin Efendi, in the 17th century, went rack and ruin in the course of time, starting with the closing-down of all small dervish lodges in 1925. The today’s mosque was built in 1958 on the area of “Üçkozlar” Dervish Lodge and mosque.

This mosque is situated on a sloping area. It is built with a square plan and it was renovated as well as in 1992.