Tuz(Salt) Khan

This khan was built in 1454 by Umur Bey, the son of Timurtash Pasha. It was donated in order to provide income to Umur Bey’s kulliye complex situated in Bursa. An epitaph board placed over the entrance door of a mosque situated in Umur Bey neighbourhood reveals this information.

Since in former times, in general, spices were traded in this khan, it is known that this structure was called “Tuz Han”, or the “Salt Khan”. It is one of the smallest khans built in Bursa.

The entrance door of “Tuz Khan” faces towards the street opening to the bazaar at north. There is another, but small exit door leading from the first floor to the structure’s east. This khan has 43 rooms, 20 and 23 on the ground floor and on the first floor, respectively. There is an ablution fountain at the khan’s centre. This structure sustained damaged in the 1490 fire, the 1855 earthquake, and the 1901 fire, respectively.