"Tuz Pazarı" (Open Salt Market) Mosque

This mosque was built in 1479 by Kara Ali Bey during the reign of Mehmed the Conqueror (1451-1481).

The walls of this mosque are masoned using rubble stones, hewn stones and bricks. Its main prayer hall measuring 8.98 x 8.87 m, together with its portico for latecomers measuring 3.89 m in depth, is built with a rectangular ground plan.

The square plinth block of the structure’s minaret bonded to the eastern wall is built of rubble stones and bricks. The transition from this plinth block to the minaret’s brick-built, cylindrical body is provided by means of triangles. Although – with its fluted body built of bricks arranged in the shape of rolls-mouldings with 24 segments, its surrounding balcony, and its helmet spire – it resembles only a few minarets of mosques in Bursa, it is the best example among them.