It is also known as Mustafakemalpaşa Thermal or Dümbüldek Bath. Researches and archaeological excavations point to the existence of hot springs and baths in the Tümbüldek region since the Roman period. Roman columns were used in the construction of the Tümbüldek Bath, which was built in 1895.

Within the spa complex, there are a recreation area and walking paths with its lush green nature. Accommodation service is provided at the property.

What is it good for?
It is known that the thermal water used in Tümbüldek Thermal Springs is good for circulatory system diseases, gynecological diseases and cardiovascular system diseases. Thermal water is also effective in poliomyelitis and contractured half paralysis. With its drinking cures, it has positive effects on stomach, intestine, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. It is known to be highly effective in anemic states due to iron deficiency.

Meneviş and Akarca Springs in Tümbüldek Thermal Springs and Keleşpınar Hot Springs are also a source of healing.

Temeviş Mineral Springs
In the area of ​​Tümbüldek Thermal Spring, it is one of the two sources that are obtained separately from the thermal spring water source. It is in the scope of mineral waters. Its temperature is low and its flow rate is low. It is used only for drinking purposes and is used to complete the bath applications to be made in the spa. It is good for stomach, intestine, liver and gall bladder diseases.

Akarca Mineral springs

It is the second drink in the spa area. It has the same quality as Meneviş Mineral Spring and has similar effect features. However, the amount of carbon dioxide in water is higher than that of Meneviş Mineral Spring.

Keleşpınar Hot Spring
It is in Gündoğdu neighbourhood near Mustafakemalpaşa. There is a marble pool from ancient times among centuries-old oak groves. Its water is hot and is used as a bath. Its water, which is healing for various diseases, is highly demanded by the public.