Stepped Rock (İznik-Nicea)

It is located between Iznik-Elbeyli highway, on the promontory on the southwestern slope of Pine Grove Hill. It was registered as Stepped Rock by the Bursa Regional Protection Board on 16.11.1992 and was defined as the "ceremony place". The stairs rise towards the northeast with steps around 30 cm high on the bedrock. It consists of a total of 15 steps, 4 + 11. The platform with steps is 2x4 m. measures. In the part after the uppermost step, the bedrock is flattened. This situation suggests that this place might have been used for religious purposes in Antiquity. On the western and eastern sections of the stairs, smooth and rectangular areas were observed where the bedrock was cut in places. It is not known exactly whether the parts cut in this way were made to give the bedrock a religious function or whether it was formed during the stone removal.