Sinanpasha Ottoman Complex (Yenişehir)

It was built by the Ottoman Grand Vizier Koca Sinan Pasha in the Yenişehir district center. It consists of a mosque, also caravanserai and imaret to the north of it and a structure that is understood to be a bazaar from the ruins in the east. The complex, is accepted that one of the starting points of the pilgrimage road in Bursa in the second half of the XVI. century, and aimed to provide convenience to pilgrims. Kervansaray in the north of the mosque was built for shelter and the soup kitchen for feeding the pilgrims. The minaret is in the northwest corner of the main building. It has a cubic base, prismatic triangular shoes, a cylindrical body and a single balcony. In various places and minaret of the building,  there are XVI. century Iznik tiles in various colors and patterns  and original hand-drawn decorations.

The (L) planned building in the northeast of the caravanserai is an soup kitchen. The building, which is adjacent to the eastern wing of this complex and only some of its remnants can come to the modern period, is described as "arasta" (the section where the same type of tradesmen are located collectively in the bazaar).