Shible Mosque

This mosque was built in 1457 by Mevlana Bayezid Çelebi, the son of Shiblizade Mahmut Çelebi, a member of the Shiblizade family from Bursa.

The interior of this mosque measures 9.85 x 8.25 m. This structure has a hipped timber roof, which is covered with roofing tiles. Inside this mosque, there is a mihrap built with pilasters and five rows of stalactite work. Initially, its minaret was built at the structure’s eastern wall, and later on, transferred to its North, and built higher. 

This structure was renovated in 1620 and in 1901. Both mosque and minaret were re-built in 1987 by H. Durmuş, the son of H. Mustafa, of the notable Shible family.